Monday, August 16, 2010

Moving Week - FINALLY

We are officially moving this week! I am hanging out at home today anxiously awaiting the phone call saying "come get the keys to your new house". We have had the van packed since yesterday afternoon, because I didn't want to waste a trip just to get the keys. I wonder what our sellers will think when I pull up in the fully loaded van...they may think we've been living in it since closing day. Yesterday we bought paint for Mya's room and our bedroom. We're keeping Mya's room the same shade of yellow, I LOVE her room here and would like to replicate it as best as we can. I also think it will help her transition to the new place. She's has been quite the little helper these days. "I's helpin" is what she says as she's packing boxes or sweeping the floor. I'm glad she wants to help because I think keeping her involved will help her with the transition. I'm really getting exciting about our new house...2 car garage, 1 more bedroom, 1 more bathroom, laundry on the main and ONLY floor (besides the basement). I've been decorating in my head for the past month and Steve has been fretting about the TV situation! We're really ready to get going...sitting around waiting is for the birds!
Mya is starting to drop her naps. Which I'm not sure if this is good or bad. There have been a couple of occasions when she's actually fallen asleep before 10p which is GREAT! Since I'm exhausted by then. It makes for a really rough day though, if there is no nap and she's still up late. Fortunately, she's napping now...getting ready for the start of the big move today! She's doing so much these days...wild as always. She's been counting to 10 for a while now and she's learning her letters. We have foam letters in the bathtub (not sure why we don't have the full alphabet) and she knows all of them. I think we have about half. Steve said he picked her up the other day (he was wearing a Harley shirt) and she spelled H-A-R-L-E-Y. She wants to be able to read SOOOOOO bad. She still jibber jabbers almost constantly from the time she gets up until falling asleep at night (in motion, of course). We're still working with her "aggressive behavior". She tends to be overly aggressive with her friends at times, taking toys and hoarding things. It seems like it doesn't matter who we are with, she is always the dominant child. Most of her friends have a developed a "personal space" by now, she has not! She loves to hug and and chase her friends...especially her friend Michael. One day she was chasing him saying "Yuv you Maaaacheal". She loves her friends, it's so cute. We're really lucky to have such great friends to play with almost every day. She's been begging to go swimming most days. She will play at the pool for hours, it's wonderful! It gives me a chance to just sit back and watch her play.
Just got the call...gotta go!!!!!

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