Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mya 4, Ian 18 months

Wow, I guess it's been a full year since I've posted...time sure does fly when you're having fun. Mya just had her fourth birthday...princess of course. We were lucky that most of our family and quite a few of our friends were able to make it. We had a really nice time. Mya has finally hit 30 pounds (actually 31 today!) and is getting so tall. She started going to sleep by herself with her Dream Light that she begged for her birthday (thanks Aunt Tia)! Until now, I've been laying down with her every night until she falls asleep (which usually results in me falling asleep first). She's still involved in dance and had her first BIG recital a couple months ago. She loved it...she loves being on stage and performing! And she got to be a baby kitty cat which thrilled her. She's learning a to do cartwheels, straddle rolls, all the ballet positions and terminology. I think it's really good for her and I'm hoping she sticks with it a while. She also just finished summer camp at school. Her teachers adore her and never have any trouble with her (wish I could say the same!). She's even learning to read...sight words and what they call blends (a consonant sound with a short vowel sound). She'll start the 4 year old preschool program in the fall! Only one more year until "real" school, and I'm sure it'll be here before we know it. We'll have to decide whether to keep her at her current school (private) for kindergarten or go ahead and send her to Russell, which is the public school she'll eventually attend. I'm leaning towards keeping her where she it through kindergarten and then sending her to Russell in 1st grade. As we get closer, we'll investigate it a little more. Mya is still a very intense child...I guess she'll always be that way. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming - her little quirks and OCD-like behavior. But, she sure does enjoy life, her family, and friends! She asks about a million questions every day like " Where was I when you were a little girl?" She's been learning to swim at swimming lessons over the past 6 months or so, and we plan to start again in the fall. Probably her favorite trip this year was when we went to Great Wolf Lodge - the indoor water park. It was our first family trip just the four of us. We had such a great time and Mya thought sleeping in a hotel was really exciting (Ian didn't quite agree with that part). My dad even came and spent the afternoon with us. She LOVED the wave pool and water slides. I can't wait to go back next year. We're getting ready to go back to Fripp Island in a few weeks...she is so excited to go to the beach. She's still her fun-loving, out-going, opinionated, strong-willed little self!

Ian just had his 18 month visit today. He came in at a whopping 28 pounds! Such a big boy! Everything went well and our pediatrician is still encouraging us to take him to a pediatric hematologist, which I guess I'll be doing soon. His clotting times were off when he was a born and Aaron has a minor bleeding disorder, so we're going to have to get him evaluated further. I'm not too concerned about it, but I dread having to have blood drawn from his little arm. We'll have to go to the children's hospital in Columbus...UGH! Good thing my family is close by. Other than that minor setback he's doing great. He's so easy and pleasant. He has a very predictable schedule...sleeps pretty well at night and naps from noon to 2 or 3 every day. He's one of the babies that they write textbooks about...if he fusses, run the vacuum, swaddle him to sleep, take him for a car ride if he's fussy. You know, ALL the things I was told to try with Mya that NEVER worked! He loves to put things together, do snaps and buckles. He's always trying to figure out how things work. And he somehow knows how to use almost any tool just by looking at it. He's not to interested in cars like a lot of boys his age, unless he's trying to use a screwdriver on the wheels! He also likes trying to ride Mya's scooter, his tricycle, and his little 4 wheeler. And will spend hours in the sandbox. Kind of reminds me of Matt when he was little. He's also really bull headed and has quite the little temper. He's so good at playing and entertaining himself, sharing, and he's so sweet. Always good for a kiss and hug! My favorite times are cuddling with him and his blanket first thing in the morning or last thing before bed. It still amazes me that I can put him in his crib and walk out of his room and he lays down and goes right to sleep! He loves his bed! He's also not a daredevil the way Mya was. He's afraid to go down the slide on the play set, he doesn't like to swing as high, he's just more cautious all around.  He also loves to vacuum the floor. He plays with Mya's toy sweeper and sweeps the entire house...moving toys so he can vacuum underneath them, and laying on his belly to get under the crib or coffee table. It's really funny. He's learning new words every day and is saying Mya properly now. He understands so much when you talk to him and he loves to help around the house...putting things away, helping with laundry, throwing stuff in the trash, turning off lights. I wonder if his helpfullness will continue? It still amazes me how opposite he is from every single way! It's amazing that the two of them came from the same two parents!!!!! We feel so lucky to have a boy and a girl. We're really having a great time with them. I still feel grateful everyday that I get to mostly stay home with them. I wouldn't trade this time for anything in the world.

Steve and I are the same. He's still working his variable schedule. They just hired a new guy who really seems like a great asset to his group. He's starting to look at trucks to replace the CR-V, since it's now 11 years old and I'm starting to be concerned about how safe it is to drive. I'm still working 2 weekends a month and really enjoying it. It gives me new appreciation for my ability to stay nice to not be involved in the politics at work. And I'm so glad I don't have to leave the kids each day. They get to sleep in their own beds, eat at our kitchen table, and play outside and with friends whenever we want! I love feeling like we don't have to rush around all the time, that we can enjoy the simple pleasures that time has to offer.