Thursday, July 14, 2011

Post Mya's 3d birthday!

Wow...Mya is THREE! Amazing how quickly the past few years have gone. Ian is 5 1/2 months old now, too. It seems like Mya should be Ian's age. We had Mya's birthday party this past weekend. We had a great turn out and a fantastic time. Most of our immediate family was here along with our closest friends...including Sommer and her family from home. We had a really nice day (although a little hot, well REALLY hot). The slide was a hit, especially for Mya and Michael, who had a blast on it. We adults had a good time on it, too. Mya had a really great time and loved hanging out with family and her friends. By the end of he party, she and Addison were inseparable as usual. We're so lucky to have such great families and friends. Even our neighbors came over for a cupcake...6 of them! It was really sweet. We are really loving our new house, it's such a great place to host parties...esp. with our big backyard and swingset. Mya got the Dora "pupcakes" that she's been looking forward to. Thanks Dave's Bakery...they were delicious! My mom made tons of barbecued pulled pork which was also very delicious. We had a lot of help from both sets of really helped us to enjoy the day as well. I think we ended up with close to 40 adults, 12 or so kids, and 5 babies! What a great support system we have! Ian was laid back as usual and did great even though he passed around all evening long. Mya got so many gifts, she's quite the lucky girl. And Steve's folks got her the cutest pink Dora bike (which was exactly what she wanted...and I couldn't find one, but luckily they did!). She got lots of cute outfits, craft supplies, a slip n slide (which Steve enjoys as well), books, a movie, toys, a tent, and so much more!
Ian is growing like a weed. He's so cute, 19 lbs last I checked...what a big boy! His dark hair is gone and he's now becoming blond. His eyes are getting darker...I think they'll be brown like Steve's. We've been trying him on some baby food for a week or two. He's enjoying it pretty well...he's had green beans, peas, squash, and bananas...not too crazy about the rice cereal. I can't believe he's almost 6 months. He's sitting up really well by himself and he LOVES playing balls...maybe he'll be a baseball player like Steve! Steve's family would LOVE that! My dad built a really cute book/toy case and shelf for his looks so nice. And I love having his stuff organized! My dad has made the cutest things for the kids...we're really lucky!