Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy times!

Last night was such a great night. I was sitting on the couch with Ian on my lap...he was smiling and making noises...it was so cute! Mya was in the bathtub with Steve watching her and I could here her singing her entire repertoire of songs. It was such a great feeling! Knowing my kids are home and happy, having Steve close by, and having some (relatively) quiet time with Ian! It's amazing how our lives have changed over 5 years...and I'm loving every minute of it (well, maybe not EVERY minute).

Ian had a Dr. appt. yesterday. He has a blocked tear duct with some conjunctivitis...yuck, but easy to cure with some antibiotic ointment. He's already almost 14 pounds and only 7.5 weeks. He's such a chunk and sure loves to eat...the complete opposite of Mya!

Mya is still becoming more and more independent every day. Had her first "real" haircut today. She took the lady"s hand and went to the back to get into the chair with a smile on her face...it was so cute! She did everything she was told (look down, look up) and when she was finished yelled "YAY, Got my hair cut". She's becoming such a big girl. She even helped push Ian's stoller through the mall.

That's all I have time for...dance class tonight! Preparing for the big recital in 2 short months!