Friday, July 16, 2010

Time to move on...

We sold our house...and bought a new one. We had our house on the market for about 3 weeks and it sold. We've been talking about getting a little bigger house in a different school district for about 2 years now. But, now that it's actually sold, I'm finding myself getting really emotional about it. It's funny when I think about buying this house 8 years ago. I was a single perfusionist and I bought this house for 2 reasons...1) It was cute and 2) It had a small yard that was manageable by just me. I wasn't thinking about where kid bedrooms would be or whether it would be a problem carrying laundry up and down 2 flights of stairs, closet space, having a yard, being in the "right" school district. It was much simpler then. Plus, I don't think I realized what a huge investment having a home would be at that time in my life...I was 24. I've gone through the 3 biggest life changes of my adult life living in this house. I got married, changed careers, and had Mya. Steve and I met while I was living here...well, actually I bought this house shortly after he started working with with me at KDMC. We were just friends for a long time before we started dating. He moved in with me right around the time that we got engaged which was about 6 months prior to our wedding. So this was "our" first house together. We came home from our wedding here! Which was also about the time I quit my job to start PA school. I spent many hours on our deck studying for my classes...especially that first semester (when I was still gung ho) when I had gross anatomy. My classmates and I took tests together here, too. And then two and half years later Mya was born. We brought her home from the hospital to this house. She and I both slept in the living room for the first six months. We walked around our neighborhood a bunch back in those days when only being outside would calm her. I remember feeling lucky to have such a nice, safe neighborhood to bring her home to. She learned to crawl here, then walk, then of course...the running, jumping overall being crazy came next (and continues)!!! She had her first "big girl" room here as well. She LOVES her room. She LOVES being "home". It breaks my heart to have to move somewhere else right now. But, it's time. And I know, soon enough the new house will feel like home. I've just had such wonderful memories here. I'm so glad we recently had Mya's 2nd Birthday party here. We all had such a good time. Almost all of our family was here, and most of her closest friends were able to come. We had Foofa as our special guest (from Yo Gabba Gabba) and she was a hit. Mya loved it! All of the kids danced and had a great time. It was a nice "last party" to have at this house before we move.
Our new house is a little further out in the country. It's a super functional brick ranch. With the bedrooms on one side of the house and a huge master bedroom with walk-in closet and it's own bathroom. It will be so nice having 2 bathrooms! Mya will still have a nice room...I'm planning on painting it yellow just like it is here and keeping everything virtually the same. We'll even be able to do a nursery for the new baby. I'm really looking forward to doing that because we didn't have a nursery for Mya. I'm really excited about having everything on one floor. No more carrying laundry, kids, and toys up and down all day long. Steve's looking forward to not having to scrape ice off of his car at 6am in the winter...because we'll have a 2 car garage. And we'll have a nice unfinished basement for storage and for Mya's ride-on toys and bikes. We're hoping to put a guest room in the basement as well, so that our guests are a little more comfortable when they stay with us. I'm also looking forward to having nice, quiet, peaceful surroundings. We'll be more out in the country than we are now. And Mya's Grandpa (my dad) is already working on an AWESOME play house/swing set for our new yard. Mya will love this!!!! She loves to swing and her baby swing doesn't swing high enough for her anymore. She's a little daredevil.
I'll just be relieved when we can get into the new house and put this house behind us. I keep finding myself thinking "this will be the last time Mya lines her animals up in the bay window" or ""this will be the last time I enjoy my huge eat-in kitchen". But the new house will be good for us. I think it will especially be good for Steve, because this will be his first home purchase. It will actually feel like "our" house, rather than my house that he moved into. We'll be happy there.

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  1. I got a little teary eyed reading this, Emily. I am happy for you guys, and sad at the same time...knowing how many memories you have at your 'old' house. I cant wait til you have everything in your new house & it feels like home to you all.