Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Moved in!

We are officially living in our new house! This move has been quite the undertaking...we had NO idea how much stuff we had accumulated over the years. We are slowly getting organized...I still have a ton of boxes to sift through. But, it has all been worth it. We are loving our new house. Mya's room is set up almost like it was in the old house, same color and all. I couldn't believe how much bigger it is than her old room...couldn't really tell until we got all of her stuff in there. She's had a rough time with the move. She's such a sensitive kid that everything seems to really affect her. She's finally coming around, though. She's starting to venture off through the house by herself now and thank goodness, losing some of her clinginess to me. She seems to love her room and is getting adjusted to the new surroundings. We are loving our new yard. It is so nice and peaceful out here, although we are still close to both hospitals. My dad and Steve worked tirelessly over a 3 day period getting an AWESOME swing set/play house built for Mya. We have already enjoyed it immensely. It's been really great for our family time especially in the evenings. It's a fun way to spend time together without having a TV involved! And Mya loves swinging so much that it gives Steve and I a chance to catch up with some adult conversation. We are definitely living the American Dream now!!!! Steve and I feel so lucky to be living in such a beautiful place and being able to raise our kids here. Things have just really fallen into place.

The pregnancy is moving along, too. I'm now 19 weeks and really starting to show. We are anxious to find out the gender of the baby...we'll know in 2 weeks. I'm really feeling good now. The nausea has subsided and I feel like I'm getting my energy back. I'm sure glad we made the move prior to #2 being born!!!! We'll soon be deciding on colors for the nursery. I'm really excited to have a dedicated nursery this time around since we didn't get the opportunity to with Mya. I'm really hoping she adjusts to the new baby ok. She's so used to having everything revolve around her! We've gotten some big sister and new baby books (along with sharing and no hitting) that we've been frequently reading. She seems to really be paying attention to the pictures and she's now saying "Baby Mommy Belly". Not sure how much she really gets, though. I still can't believe that we'll have a baby in the house again in just a few months. Hoping for a calmer one this time.

We are heading to Virginia Beach this weekend with Steve's family. We're looking forward to relaxing without having the feeling that we should be doing something productive. I'm excited to have some time where we can really focus on Mya...she really needs it after the past couple weeks. It'll be nice to spend some time with the family, we all live so far apart that it's hard to all get together for an extended visit.

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