Thursday, March 11, 2010

20 months today.

Today Mya is officially 20 months old. We enjoyed a beautiful day at the park...60 degrees, overcast, breezy. It has been a very reflective day for me so far. I guess I've really needed some time to spend in the great outdoors. I've been thinking about how much Mya (and my life) has changed over the past 20 months. How my focus so quickly went from graduating PA school to this new little girl in my life. She was such a terror in the beginning...I didn't know if we would survive! It's funny how, as her personality has developed, those traits that we considered to be difficult ended up being so...priceless. About 6 months ago, I read a book called "the spirited child", this book was seriously written about Mya. About how she is so much "more" (intense, active, sensitive). She is definitely our little wild child. But, as I watched her playing at the park today, I prayed that she would never lose her spirit and intensity. She really does seem to experience life to a degree that is unachievable by the "non-spirited". Every time she gets on a is like the first time for her -- she cracks up every time (loudly). Sometimes I'm afraid that she'll actually burst she gets so excited. She experiences happiness, anger, frustration, giddiness in a way that really is unbelievable. I was watching her today doing some of the things that she really enjoys and hoping that she never loses her enjoyment in these simple things -- looking up at the sky while swinging, watching a squirrel and giggling while he washed his face, her frustration at not being able to pet the squirrel, feeling the cool breeze on her face (that beautiful smile), playing in the dirt, crunching up leaves with her hands, playing ring-around-the-rosy, feeling the cool ground on the side of her face, running in circles and spinning while singing (not sure what she was singing), the feel of Charlie's soft fur on her feet, the sound of Charlie's name ("chuck-eeeee", our nickname for him), the enjoyment of a hershey's kiss BEFORE luch, the joy of helping (turning off the tv before leaving the house), the pride of accomplishment (putting on "puntz" herself, climbing up and down the stairs unassisted, mastering a new word), smiling for no reason, laughing OUT LOUD because it feels good to laugh that way, the awesome feeling of a soft blanket and comfy bed to take a nap, the way spaghetti sauce feels smothered ALL OVER her face, the excitement of seeing a friend and clapping with them or for them, the joy of music - singing and dancing, jumping on a trampoline...or on anything, the excitement she feels when Daddy gets home from work or when she has company. There are just way too many to list, but these are some of my favorites.

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  1. Mya is such a little joy to be around. That smile is infectious, and she is truly precious.