Monday, March 8, 2010

Mya's first sentence.

So glad Spring is finally around the corner. We spent quite a bit of time at the park this weekend. Yesterday we saw our friends Holly,Mark, and Maddie and Mandi, Hailey and Hannah. Mya and Hannah enjoyed the swings until their hands and noses were like ice cubes! Little Hannah's nose was so red. They were so cute, giggling and swinging their feet. After the swinging, Hannah was in her stroller, Mya got into my purse ("pess") and grabbed a wipe cloth and was trying to wipe Hannah's nose...guess she had a booger or something! It was funny to see Mya play "mommy". Maybe we'll be ready for another baby soon! Mya and her dad were playing peek-a-boo behind the cat door going to the basement yesterday evening. Mya said "I see you"...her first official sentence. Her closest thing so far has been "all done". She's getting so big so fast. She has lost most of her baby-ness and is more like a little girl lately. Grandpa Steve came down last week and brought really cool stuff for her room...bookshelf, Thomas Kinkade fairytale pictures, a sled, an art easel with art supplies, a baby tiger that drinks from a bottle...lots of really neat things. We have her big girl room just about completed. It is so cute. I've really enjoyed doing this...we didn't set up a nursery for her so this is my first time decorating for her! It should be a room she can enjoy for a long time, looks more like a pre-teen room minus the Elmo bed rail! She really seems to love her room and her bed. That's what I'm excited about most.

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