Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Week

We just got home from an Easter Egg Hunt with some of our playgroup friends. Had a great time and really enjoyed this 70 degree weather. I'm thinking I should have put a little sunscreen on Mya's face and arms...her face was looking a little brown on the way home. Luckily she has a really nice complexion and doesn't seem to burn too easily. Anyhow, this is actually our 2nd egg hunt this week. Our first was yesterday with the Moms group. Mya got to play with some cool, older kids and seemed to catch on to finding the eggs pretty quickly. Today, all she cared about was finding one egg and eating the chocolate out of it ("choc"). I guess her love for chocolate is to be expected! We had a great time at "Wonderland Park" in Ceredo. We're really lucky around here to have such nice community parks. There are several within a few minutes of us. Ashland really is a nice, pretty town. Today I'm feeling really lucky to be able to stay home with Mya. I've been a little bummed about having to work this weekend for Easter, but it's worth it when I think about all the time that I DON'T have to work. It's so nice to be able to wake up and spend the day with Mya, doing whatever it is that we feel like. I'm so glad I don't have to rush her out of the house in the mornings. We get to wake up and watch a little Barney and relax before meeting the day. We typically stay pretty busy with our playgroups (3) and her activities, so I definitely feel she is getting adequate socialization. At one time, I never would have pictured myself as a stay-at-home-mom, but now...I can't picture being anything else. Mya's only going to be little once and I love that I don't have to miss anything. She actually fell asleep in the van on the way home from the park today (which is really rare for her) and I just couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by the love I have for her...dirty face, snotty nose, and all! It's amazing how little ones can change your life. I'm glad that I have my "one weekend a month job" to keep my feet wet with the medical world, but wouldn't trade my time off for anything in the world. Steve's folks are coming down from Pittsburgh to spend the weekend with Steve and Mya, I'm really grateful that she'll be spending Easter with family. Even though I'll miss being with them all, the time is really good for Steve and Mya's relationship. They have bonded even more since I began work. It's good for Mya to learn to trust and rely on others (besides me).

Mya keeps surprising me with new words every day. Last week she pointed to my coffee mug and said "coffee", plain as day. It's really funny how quickly she's picking up new words. And when I change her poopy diapers, she says "scus-ting" (disgusting) and "ooooooh ucky". I feel like I'm constantly laughing at her. She has quite the funny personality. She's always giggling and playing silly games. Especially in the evenings before bed. Instead of getting tired and cranky, she gets really giddy and cracks up at everything. She's so fun right before bedtime. Although, dinner time is another story!

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