Monday, June 27, 2011


Mya started preschool last week and is doing great! I worried so much about how she'd do...would she survive the drop-off, was she too young (she's not quite 3 yet), was I pushing her too much? All the worrying for nothing. School is no big deal to her. She does just fine and doesn't even hardly talk about it when she gets home. She acts like she's just going to any other activity. She comes home with tons of papers and crafts, so we've been putting them on the kitchen wall. They're so cute. I'm so glad this has been a seemingly easy transition for her! It's also nice to have a few hours twice a week where it's just Ian and I. Grocery shopping is SOOOOOOO much easier! I think she's enjoying meeting some new friends and learning new songs...she's always singing new songs these days.

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