Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ian is 2 months old!

Ian is now 2 months old. He's becoming a little perkier and stronger...and even heavier than before! He was 15 pounds at his 2 mo. well child visit. He was diagnosed with a little torticollis (wry neck)...but is doing great after a couple visits to PT and some education for me and Steve. He's sleeping great at night. He's even been doing some 6 hour stretches early on in the night...which is awesome, although, it's in the swing and I'm sure I'll regret it later! But, I'm living for the moment right now. He's so much different than Mya...he's quite the little sleeper. He's starting to get a little fussier during the day, but usually because he's tired and has a little trouble settling down. We're just enjoying a quiet day at home today. We've been on the go a lot lately and his nap routine has been disrupted lately so we decided to stay home today! My mom came down to take Mya to her dance class and to Chick-fil-A family night tonight. It's just me and Ian...until Steve gets home in a few hours! It's nice to have some one-on-one time with each kid every now and then!

We signed Mya up for preschool last week. I'm really excited about it. She'll go twice a week for 3 hours. She'll go to the lifelong learning center which is pretty close to our house. I LOVE it. She'll rotate to different rooms throughout the day in groups of 4 kids. The facility looks awesome and her teachers are fantastic and seem to really love what they do. This was the first time I've walked into a place and felt like "this is where Mya should be". She starts in August...so we've got a lot of work to do before then...potty training!!!!

Ian is up and probably starving as usual!

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