Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Staying Home Today!

Mya and I are enjoying a rainy day at home today. We were supposed to go to the bounce house today with our friends...but, Mya just wanted to stay home ("say ome" she says). I worked this past weekend, so it was Daddy and Mya weekend. It still seems to take her a few days to recover from my absence. At times I'm impatient with her clingy-ness, but someday she won't want to have anything to do with me, so I'll try to enjoy it while it lasts! She's been really good today...just hanging out in her diaper (she took her clothes off) watching her shows (Barney and Gabba Gabba) while reading, jumping on the bed, and playing by herself. It's really nice to see her self-entertain, because it doesn't happen often. She's usually wanting to be on the go! We were doing the hokey pokey ("hokey") earlier...she's really funny, because she tells you which body part she wants to do and it's always something really weird like your eye, teeth, elbow, toe. She knows all of the motions and tries to sing along. She LOVES singing songs with dances and arm motions. She's probably destined to be a cheerleader someday, with me and Aunt Tia. It is a sure-fire way to cheer her up and distract her when there is an impending tantrum! Although, it sure looks silly to see a grown woman doing the hokey pokey in the check out line at Kroger's...but whatever works! Yesterday I actually got the "evil eye" from an older lady who thought I was being too harsh on Mya...yeah, I know, me and harsh usually don't occur together when it comes to Mya. It's amazing how judgemental others can be when they see you dealing with your child. Mya was trying to run completely wild and I've been trying to teach her that she has to stay where I can see her...obviously it isn't working! But truth be known, I'll yank her arm out of socket if I have to, to keep something from happening to her! Unfortunately you can't leave your kids in the car anymore why you grocery shop!!!!
Weekend before last we took a trip up to Circleville and Columbus. Matt just bought an awesome new house, so we had a little get together with the family. It was really fun. Mya loves to see the kids...Kaitly, AJ, and Mary. Mary, unfortunate for her, became the resident hokey-pokey-er. Mya was grabbing her hand and bossing her to do the "hokey" every chance she got! Thank goodness Mary is a really good sport and sweet with her. Grandma Pam, Steve and I took Mya to her first zoo trip. She's still a little too young to get it. It was a beautiful day and we had a nice time...Mya loved playing with mulch and rocks as usual. She did really like the elephants and the aquarium, oh, and the train ride was pretty cool, too.
This morning, Steve took off to DC to see Tia for her nursing school pinning and graduation. I wish Mya and I could've made it...but Mya still doesn't travel well. We're really proud of her...has been a hard road, working and going to school both full time. Although, I've never heard her complain about it. I'm really glad that Mya's Aunt will be such a good role model for her.
Well, my little parasite is back. Guess she's had enough of entertaining herself, now it's my turn.

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