Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mya and the Easter Bunny

Mya loved the Easter Bunny...I mean LOVED him and could not get enough of him. Luckily she got to see him twice over Easter weekend. Her Grandparents and Dad took her to an Easter egg hunt where she first met him...hugged him and sat on his lap. Then later in the evening we took her to Kyova mall where she yelled "bunny" and wanted to hang out with him all evening. She got to pet him, kiss him, and even sit next to him on his chair. It was so cute. I had to practically peel her off of him so other kids could get a turn. I think Easter has been her favorite holiday so far.

Day before yesterday we took Mya's bear "Teddy" to the park. I guess he was in need of a day out. He got to do so much stuff...Mya pushed him on the swing, and let him go down the slide a thousand times. She thought this was hilarious. She didn't do much of anything...but Teddy got to do it all! I'm glad she's so good to her babies!

We've been enjoying the beautiful weather here for the past few it's rainy and I'm actually kind of glad. We went to the bounce house with friends this morning so now Mya is crashed. We rarely spend our time indoors, but hopefully today we'll have a relaxing afternoon and evening. Although, when Mya wakes up, she may want to go again. She really likes to be out and about, but after a couple hours she's ready to come home again. She says "home" and tries to go to the van. She's definitely a girl that knows what she wants...and whatever it is, she wants it RIGHT NOW! She's our strong willed, determined, energetic girl!

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